Features for automatic bottle labeling machine

- Dec 30, 2020-

 The automatic bottle labeling machine is suitable for round bottle semi-circle or full-circle paste, manual bottle to take the bottle, label can be affixed at a time on the same machinerealized, suitable for all kinds of materials circular labeling.

1. high labeling precision, steady performance. Labels are plain, no bubble and wrinkle

2. one machine could be used for different kind of containers, round bottles, conical flasks and square bottles.

3. The speed of labeling, conveying and bottle distributor could be adjustable steplessly, which is convenient to adjust according the actual needs

4. The machine could be used separately and also can be connected to the production line to work automatically.

5. The machine is equipped with automatic bottle distributing function.

6.  Automatic operation and high working efficiency to save labor cost.

7. Prevent the deflect sticker and bubble.

8. Sensor check: no bottle, no sticking,

9. Automatic sticker test and adjustment function.

10. The machine is made mainly from high quality stainless steel and aluminium alloy

11. Control method: PLC + touch screen + stepping motor + standard sensor control.