Filling machine is an indispensable cosmetic equipment for automated production

- Nov 23, 2020-

Although the filling machine is a small category of packaging equipment, it is an indispensable cosmetic equipment for automatic production in cosmetics factories. The equipment that can fill materials into packaging containers can be called filling machines. Cosmetic equipment manufacturers will classify the viscosity of product materials (usually liquid and paste), and each product material of different viscosity will have a suitable filling machine type.

The equipment in the packaging container of the product material at atmospheric pressure is called the atmospheric filling machine. Suitable for filling liquid products with low viscosity and no gas.

The machine that evacuates the packaging container to form a negative pressure, and then fills the liquid product into the packaging container is called a negative pressure filling machine. There are two types of negative pressure filling machine: differential pressure type negative pressure filling machine and gravity type negative pressure filling machine.

Inflating the packaging container to make the internal gas pressure equal to the gas pressure in the liquid storage tank, and then filling the liquid product into the packaging device is called an isobaric filling machine. The equal pressure filling machine can ensure the quality and measurement accuracy of the filled products.

The equipment that uses external mechanical pressure to fill liquid products into packaging containers is a pressure type filling machine. The pressure filling machine is suitable for filling viscous materials.

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