High pressure homogenizer

- Mar 20, 2019-


1. It adopts fully enclosed stainless steel shape, safe, hygienic and beautiful.

2. The outer cover adopts the module shape, which can realize quick assembly and disassembly, and is convenient for maintenance and maintenance.

Transmission part:

1. The lubrication method of the lubrication of the transmission part combined with the splash lubrication and the forced pressure lubrication can greatly improve the safety and reliability.

2. The crankshaft is made of alloy steel forgings with super strength and longevity.

3, hard tooth surface external gear box design, reliable performance and easy maintenance.

4, equipped with a separate forced cooling system to ensure the operating requirements of the system oil temperature, to meet the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

Hydraulic end part:

1. The overall pump body structure design, strength and life are reliably guaranteed.

2, express installation and disassembly of the valve core, valve seat design, assembly and disassembly.

3. The valve seat adopts double-sided design and has double service life.

4, the use of sanitary pressure diaphragm display pressure, reliable performance from the world's brand of pressure gauge manufacturers.