High shear emulsifying homogenizing mixer

- May 14, 2020-


1.The triple mixing adopts the imported frequency converter for speed adjustment,which can meet different technological demands.

2.The homogenizing structure made through German technology adopts the imported double-end mechanical seal effect. The maximum emulsifying rotation speed can reach 3600 rpm and the highest  shearing fineness can reach 0.2-5 um.

3.The vacuum defoaming can make the materials meet the requirement of being aseptic. The vacuum material sucking is adopted,and especially for the powder materials, vacuum sucking can avoid dust.

4.The emulsifying pot lid can adopt lifting system, easy to clean and the cleaning effect is more obvious, the emulsifying pot can adopt tilt discharge.

5.The pot body is welded by imported three-layer stainless steel plate. The tank body and the pipes adopt  mirror polishing,which fully conforms to GMP requirements.

6.According to technological requirements, the tank body can heat or cool the materials. The heating modes mainly include steam heating or electric heating.

7.The vacuum emulsifying mixer is mainly composed of water pot, oil pot, emulsifying pot, vacuum system ,lifting system(optional), electric control system (PLC is optional), operation platform, etc.


High shear emulsifying homogenizing mixer