How does the emulsification process ensure product uniformity?

- Aug 31, 2020-

Emulsifying machine is the industrial emulsifying production equipment in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It has the functions of heating, cooling, heat preservation, stirring, vacuum defoaming, dispersing and homogenizing. It is an appropriate equipment for the production of high-end products.
In the process of emulsifying production, customers often ask us how to ensure the uniformity of products in the emulsifying process.
For example, in food production, how to ensure that each batch of products can be consistent in taste and quality?

I. Weighing ingredients manually

For example, in laboratory or small-scale production, artificial weighing ingredients are more suitable for such small-scale emulsification, which can ensure that all materials are proportionally allocated, accurate experimental research data results can be obtained, or products with good consistency in small-scale production.

Ii. Flow Meter

When the production scale exceeds a certain limit, manual weighing ingredients is inefficient and labor cost is high, so this method is no longer applicable.
In some emulsification production that needs to be used in large quantities of water, a certain amount of water needs to be injected into the emulsifying tank. How can it be simply and labor-saving to allocate a good proportion?
Some customers will choose the flow meter to control the liquid volume in the mixing tank, but also can achieve an efficient and labor-saving effect.


Iii .Pressure probe

The flow meter also has a range of errors. Some customers have high requirements for errors and need very accurate data, so the pressure probe can be used to solve this problem. When the pressure sensor at the bottom of the tank senses the set pressure, the valve will automatically close.
As for the weighing problem, the weighing module can be adopted, so that the accuracy of weighing is relatively high. Many pharmaceutical industries use the weighing module to control the liquid level and allocate it.