How does the emulsifying equipment make a bubble-free cream?

- Dec 01, 2020-

In order to thoroughly mix the oil phase material and the water phase material in the emulsification pot, the emulsification equipment needs to be stirred at high speed. However, the stirring speed of ordinary emulsifiers is too low, the water and oil phases in the emulsifying pot cannot be thoroughly mixed, and the stability of the products produced is poor. This kind of equipment is only suitable for producing some low-end products with low requirements. However, deliberately increasing the speed of the emulsification equipment will bring air into the material system to form bubbles, forming a three-phase system, making the cosmetic emulsion unstable.

At this time, you need a professional vacuum homogenizing emulsifier. The vacuum homogenizing emulsifier of Guangzhou Jutao Machinery has advanced vacuuming function, which avoids the entry of air in the mixing process of the emulsification equipment. The precise coordination of the rotor and stator of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier and the combination of convection stirring, the stirring speed can allow the material to withstand hundreds of thousands of high-speed shears per minute. The superior performance of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier not only ensures the full mixing of the chemical emulsion, but also avoids the formation of bubbles, ensures the stability of the chemical emulsion, greatly improves the quality of the product, and is very suitable for the production of high-end creams. Cosmetic products.

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