How is the temperature of the vacuum emulsifier measured?

- Sep 07, 2020-

In the production of application industries, the materials produced in many industries have some requirements for temperature requirements, such as heating temperature value, cooling temperature, and heating time. If the temperature cannot be well controlled in production, the finished product The nature and quality of the material will be greatly affected, so the mature process of the product is very important, and the temperature control device of the emulsification equipment is also very important. Let's take a look at how the temperature of the high shear emulsifier is measured and controlled?

In the main emulsification pot of the high-shear emulsifier and the pretreatment water-oil pot, there is an electric resistance thermometer, also called a temperature sensor. A bulge of a temperature control probe can be seen from the bottom of the pot. When heating or cooling, the temperature control probe will transmit the temperature in the pot to the button control panel or PLC control panel through the heating module.

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