How many ways are there to discharge the vacuum emulsification pot?

- Aug 10, 2020-

The vacuum emulsifier is a very popular homogeneous emulsification production equipment on the market. Why choose a vacuum emulsifier? The vacuum system has two main purposes. First of all, the raw materials in the oil and water pots are extracted to the main pot for homogenization and emulsification, and then added to the vacuum system to extract the raw materials in the oil and water pots by lifting the air pressure. Secondly, because the cream product is prone to foaming during the homogenization process, the air is removed during the homogenization process, and the reaction in a vacuum can effectively solve the product problem, and the cream product will be more beautiful. Homogeneous will also be more uniform.

The reason why the vacuum emulsifier is favored by the market is also related to its many product performance advantages. Specifically, it has the following characteristics:

1. The types of vacuum emulsification are diversified. Among them, the homogenization system is divided into upper and lower homogenization, internal and external circulation homogenization, and the mixing system is divided into one-way mixing, two-way mixing, and ribbon mixing; the lifting system is divided into single cylinder and double cylinder lifting. And can meet customer requirements

Customize a variety of high-quality products that meet the needs:

2. The triple mixing adopts imported frequency converter to adjust the speed, which can meet the production needs of different processes

3. The homogenous structure of German technology adopts imported double-end mechanical sealing effect, the highest emulsification speed can reach 4200 rpm, and the highest shear fineness can reach 0.2-5um;

4. Vacuum deaeration makes the material reach the aseptic requirement, and adopts vacuum suction, special powder material is vacuum suctioned to avoid dust flying:

5. The main pot lid of the vacuum emulsifier can choose the lifting device, which is convenient to clean and the cleaning effect is more obvious. The pot body can choose to dump the material.

6. The pot body is made of three-layer stainless steel imported plate welding, and the tank body and pipes are mirror polished, which fully meets GMP requirements

7. According to process requirements, the tank can heat and cool materials. The heating methods are mainly steam and electric heating.

8. In order to ensure more stable control of the whole set of machines, the electrical appliances adopt imported configuration.

After the vacuum emulsifier is finished, there are generally two ways of discharging. One is the traditional pipe discharging; the other is the new dumping discharging. The former is to discharge the material through the pipeline under the action of the discharge pump, and the speed is relatively uniform. The dumping type discharge is to discharge the materials at one time by turning sideways. This method has a very high discharge rate and is suitable for mass production. The disadvantage of this is that the materials are exposed to the air, which is prone to bacteria and pollution. This method is more suitable for chemical materials.