How to buy a homogenizer

- Mar 01, 2019-

1. Minimum test consumption: the smaller the better, the material can be saved. At present, the raw materials of some medicines reach several thousand yuan / gram, and users of course hope to complete a homogenization experiment with a minimum of materials. Moreover, the experiment is a process of repeated iterations. The minimum amount of sample is, the more materials are wasted.

2. Homogeneous pressure: not the higher the pressure, the better. For general materials, first of all: in a sense, the higher the pressure, the smaller the particle size of the material can be processed; secondly, the higher the pressure, the more types of materials that can be processed, for example, certain liquids Emulsions can only be homogenized to below 100 nm at 15,000 psi, while some pharmaceuticals, foods, especially suspensions with a certain amount of solid particles in the liquid, can be nanoscale at a pressure of at least 26,000 psi. However, some materials are not excluded from cohesion under high pressure.

3. Processing effect: The user is of course the material that he hopes to make. One is the degree of nanometer level, and the other is nanometer level. The distribution is very uniform, instead of some particles are already dozens of nanometers, and some are still Micron.

In order to solve this problem, it is recommended that the user purchase a homogenizer, and the manufacturer is equipped with a nano-scale filter extruder device, preferably an in-line extruder, which is troublesome to extrude offline.

4. Cleaning and sterilization: The imported high-pressure homogenizer is convenient for cleaning and sterilization. It is recommended to consider cleaning and sterilization online.

5. Do not consider the noise, safety, and the number of users in China. From the user list, you can determine whether a device is selling well. The more well-known users, the better the quality of this device.

6. Manufacturers of homogenizers generally say that their equipment is very good. It is recommended that they provide a list of users and provide them with relevant results and papers.