How to choose the laboratory homogenizer

- Jul 10, 2020-

                           How to choose the laboratory homogenizer?

In the laboratory, it is often needed to use dispersion emulsifying homogenizer which can emulsify some raw materials well, such as products similar to water-soluble oil emulsifying. For the requirements of emulsifying equipment, the first is the good emulsifying effect, and the second is the durability. Of course, if there are more advantages, it will be better.
However, the laboratory emulsifying homogenizer on the market is often unable to take into account the various experimental processing needs of the laboratory.
If emulsifying effect is good, but dispersive effect is bad, sometimes have different speed demand, but cannot adjust speed again, sometimes even heating, if these functions are added together, the device is not enough cabinet to occupy a place, cannot be put on the desktop to use!
Today we will introduce a laboratory dispersing emulsifying homogenizer which can meet all the above requirements of laboratory processing.