How to correctly install and use laboratory vacuum emulsifier

- Mar 08, 2021-

Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various vacuum emulsifiers. It has summarized a lot of production experience and can propose solutions to various problems. It is a reliable equipment manufacturer. The following describes the use and installation method of the laboratory vacuum emulsifier

1. Installation ground: correct and firm installation

2. After opening the package, check whether the equipment is broken, the installation position is correct, and it meets the design requirements of the drawing, and see if there are any missing parts

3. Cleaning in the kettle of the laboratory vacuum emulsifier: the surface is clean and tidy, no scratches or scars should be cleaned frequently and kept clean, and do not clean with hard substances or items with rough surfaces.

4. Installation and sealing of the kettle body and kettle cover of the laboratory vacuum emulsifier: The kettle body and the kettle cover are sealed with stainless steel spiral wound gaskets. Tighten the main nuts to press them against each other to achieve a good sealing effect. The nuts must be tightened. Diagonally symmetrically tightened with multiple steps and tightened, evenly installed and tightened, without loosening, shaking, or skewing.