How to get a better emulsification effect?

- Nov 17, 2020-

1. Emulsification equipment

Mechanical equipment: emulsification pot

Type of emulsifier: stirred emulsifier, colloid mill, homogenizer

Performance comparison: colloid mill and homogenizer´╝×stirring emulsifier

Different emulsification equipment has different preparation and production processes. When the established formula is transferred from the laboratory to the factory for large-scale production, or when the production equipment is replaced, the production process must be reformulated through rigorous pilot experiments.

2. Emulsification time

Influence: The emulsification time has a great influence on the quality of the emulsified body. The emulsification time is closely related to the efficiency of the emulsification equipment.

Determining factors: The length of the emulsification time should be determined according to the volume ratio and viscosity of the oil and water phases, the viscosity of the emulsified body, the type and amount of emulsifier, and the emulsification temperature. In order to fully emulsify the system, the emulsification time can be determined based on experience and experiments. Generally speaking, emulsification with a homogenizer (3000r/min) only takes 3-10 minutes.

Three, emulsification temperature

Influence: The emulsification temperature has a great influence on the emulsified body, but there is no strict limitation on the temperature.

Determining factors: The emulsification temperature depends on the solubility of the oil and water phases, the solubility of the high melting point substances contained, and the types of emulsifiers.

Generally, the emulsification temperature is controlled between 75 and 85 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of the oil and water phases should be kept the same. If there are high melting point components in the oil, the emulsification temperature should be relatively high; if the viscosity increases during the emulsification process, the emulsification temperature can be appropriately increased; if the emulsifier used has a certain phase inversion temperature, the emulsification temperature should be selected at the phase inversion temperature about.

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