How to install large storage tanks?(1)

- Jan 29, 2021-

At present, the commonly used method for installation and construction of large storage tanks is the flip method, but do you know any other methods? Let's take a look at our stainless steel storage tank manufacturers!

1. Use hydraulic lifting device (complete set of equipment) to be evenly distributed on the storage tank. At the circumference of the inner wall of the storage tank, first lift the top of the storage tank and the upper (first layer) wall plate of the storage tank body, and then weld layer by layer. Wall panels of storage tanks.

2. A hydraulic hoist consisting of a self-locking hydraulic jack, a lifting frame and a lifting rod is used. When the hydraulic jack enters the oil, the upper clamp is used to clamp and lift the lifting rod and the expansion ring, thereby driving the storage tank body ( When the jack returns oil, the upper chuck will return with the piston rod. At this time, the lower chuck will automatically clamp the lifting rod without falling. The repeated movement of the jack causes the lifting rod to carry the storage rod. The tank body of the tank storage tank continuously rises to a predetermined height (the height of the next layer of the board is vacated).