How to maintain the 2000L emulsification pot?

- Dec 22, 2020-

After the cleaning verification meets the requirements, put an appropriate amount of purified water in the pot, heat it to 85±1C with steam, and keep it warm for 30 minutes, then drain off the purified water or clean other emulsifying pots. 

2. In the process of heating and disinfection, the emulsification pot needs to use warning signs to prevent other people from touching the emulsification pot and avoid injury. 

3. After the disinfection is completed, each valve and lid must be closed, and the sign of “disinfected” should be hung, and the "Equipment Cleaning and Disinfection Record Form" should be filled in and the microbiological inspection personnel of the Quality Assurance Department shall be notified for disinfection verification, who will sign the record form You can continue to use the emulsifying pot later.

2000L vacuum mixing tank