How to make nano emulsion cosmetics cream and lotion(1)

- Oct 16, 2020-

Cream and lotion is a popular skin care product nowadays. The production of emulsion is to form a stable dispersion system by means of emulsion production equipment and emulsifying technology, which is composed of two kinds of non-soluble liquid phases of oil and water.

Safety, effectiveness and stability are very important in cosmetics, and nanoemulsion can greatly improve these factors.

Nanotechnology will be a very innovative material and technology in the future, just because of its safety and effectiveness.

What is the concept of nanometer?

In the abstract it's a billionth of a meter. For example, a meter represents the entire population of China, so a nanometer represents one of them, and you can imagine how small a unit that is.

Ordinary emulsions can be made by ordinary stirring, but the high-end high shear emulsions are usually needed when making nanoemulsions.

ZJR series high shear emulsifier developed by Jutao can make nano emulsion cosmetics cream and lotion