How to make nano emulsion cosmetics cream and lotion(2)

- Oct 14, 2020-

Advantages of nanoemulsions

Ordinary cream and lotion on the market its size is generally in the micron level, 1 micron =1000 nanometers, ordinary emulsion is generally one or two microns to dozens of microns.

In other words, nanoemulsions are about one-tenth to one-hundredth of the size of ordinary emulsions.

Nanoemulsions are 100 times smaller than ordinary emulsions, and their tiny particles make it easier for nutrients to penetrate and be absorbed by the skin.

The effect of nanoemulsion is not only more moist, but also brings luster to the skin, and it is very refreshing to use.

Many brands of cosmetics have adopted this nanoemulsion cream technology on the market


Ordinary cream and lotion can be made by ordinary stirring, but the high-end high shear emulsions are usually needed when making nanoemulsions.

Developed by enormous surges ZJR series high shear emulsifying machine adopts three coaxial mixer process method, material down after stirring, mixing, material in three-dimensional mixing with ultra-high speed homogenizer strong shearing, impact, turbulence, etc, the material in the shear joints are fast cutting, materials handling, very sensitive, particles is small, size can be up to 200 nm ~ 1 micron particles, and finally form a relatively uniform nanoscale stable cream and lotion.

Jutao ZJR high shear emulsifier provides you with a highly efficient emulsification process.