How to prepare | silicone emulsion defoamer for textile printing and dyeing by high shear emulsification mechanism?

- Sep 07, 2020-

The second step is the preparation of the initial emulsion.

The emulsifier is dissolved in the oil phase, the thickener is dissolved in the water, the water is added into the oil transfer phase method, the emulsifying temperature, time and stirring speed of the high shear emulsifier are controlled for the initial emulsification, and the initial emulsion is obtained after cooling.

The emulsifier is used to dissolve the aqueous phase in the oil phase and add the aqueous phase into the feeding order of the oil phase to obtain the emulsion with uniform particles and stable quality.

Polysiloxane is difficult to emulsify, so the correct choice of emulsifier is the key to emulsification.

The surfactants of class Span and Tween are chemically similar to the emulsified dimethyl silicone oil, and the two can be well combined.

The third step is the complex operation.

In the state of high shear emulsifier open stirring, adding anti-foaming, anti-foaming synergier and thickening agent aqueous solution, preservative in the initial emulsion, emulsifying with high shear emulsifier for a certain time to obtain the product.