How to select the homogenizer for mixing and stirring?(4)

- Oct 30, 2020-

 If the production of a large number of creams, emulsions and other recommendations with high shear emulsifYING MACHINE.

Can be equipped with water and oil pot, can be pre-heated to dissolve raw materials, especially in some high-grade cream production, but also need the function of vacuum defoaming, Yikai ZJR series high shear emulsifier can meet the multi-functional processing needs.

It is equivalent to a higher level of homogeneous dispersing machine, larger equipment appearance, higher power, the production of mixing quantity from 5L to 2000L, can be matched with a variety of dispersing head, vacuum defrosting function to better cream quality, its scientific design, so that the equipment in and out of materials, cleaning, operation more convenient, more humane.

Suitable for making creams, lotions, food sauces, ink coatings, ointments, gels, emulsions and other products.