hydraulic lifting type vacuum emulsifier mixer machine

- Feb 01, 2021-

1. The materials are mixed and reacted in the water pot and oil pot by heating and stirring. The vacuum pump is sucked into the emulsification pot and stirred through the center of the upper part of the emulsification pot. The PTFE scraper always caters to the shape of the stirring pot and sweeps the sticky materials , So that the scraped objects continuously produce new interfaces.

2. After the blade is cut, compressed and folded, it is stirred and mixed and flows down to the homogenizer under the pot body.

3. The material passes through the process of strong shearing, impact, turbulence, etc. between the high-speed rotating cutting wheel and the fixed cutting sleeve.

4. Since the emulsifying pot is in a vacuum state, the bubbles generated during the mixing process of the material are drawn away in time.

5. The method of vacuuming is adopted to prevent the produced products from being mixed with air bubbles during the mixing process, so as to ensure that high-quality products with rich gloss, fineness and good ductility can be manufactured.

hydraulic lifting vacuum emulsifier mixer