Industrial reverse osmosis equipment process

- Apr 20, 2019-

Raw water → Raw water tank → Raw water pump → Multi-media filter (quartz sand filter) → Activated carbon filter → Precision filter → High-pressure pump → First-stage reverse osmosis (RO) device → Pure water tank → Water point

· The salt removal rate is high, and bacteria, toxins and other organic substances can be removed at the same time. The effluent water quality meets the national standard GBI7323-1998 standard;

· The main parts of reverse osmosis pure water equipment adopt imported composite membrane components and imported high-pressure stainless steel pumps. They have unique advantages compared with other reverse osmosis components in terms of water inlet adaptability, salt rejection and service life.

· Design pressure: 1.05~1.6Mpa, desalination rate: 96~99%;

· High degree of automation, stable operation, low failure rate and low operating cost;

· Low energy consumption and low operating costs.

· Reasonable structure and small floor space.

· Advanced membrane protection system, when the equipment is shut down, the desalinated water can automatically clean the surface of the membrane and prolong the membrane life.

· The system has no wearing parts, no need for extensive maintenance, and the operation is effective for a long time.

Reverse osmosis equipment can be used not only in the food and beverage industry, but also in the electronics industry for cleaning water, water treatment and recycling, brackish water, and desalination of seawater.

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