Introduction for vacuum emulsifying mixer

- Jan 29, 2021-

Vacuum emulsifying mixer is the ideal production equipment for manufacturing cosmetics cream, lotion,  hand cream, sunscreen ,base cream, ointment, shampoo,  toothpaste, etc.

200L vacuum homogenizing emulsifier

1.The working pot is made of 3 layers stainless steel,  the contact part is SUS316L, other parts are SUS304. The cover can be lifted. Two ways to discharge products, from the bottom discharge outlet directly or pour the products by the hand wheel.

2.Top mixing structure Double direction stirring, the mixing direction of frame mixer with Teflon wall scraper and central paddle are reversed, so the products will be mixed more evenly. Mixing speed is adjustable 0-63rpm.

3.Touch screen HMI control panel is optional. Each function can be controlled separately: The working time of homogenize can be set ( suggest 10 minutes ). Heating temperature can be set according to different fomula. Lifting Up and Down ca be operated separately. Mixing speed of frame mixer and homogenizer mixer is adjustable.

4.Bottom homogenizer is more powerful than tan top homogenizer. Mixing speed can be adjusted 0-3000rpm. All products contact parts are SUS316L, which meet GMP standards .
5.Temperature probe can detect the temperature of products when heating or cooling the jacket.