Introduction of Filling and Sealing Machine

- Mar 02, 2021-

The vacuum emulsifier filling and sealing machine adopts the hot air heating method, PLC program control, the sealing appearance is beautiful, regular, the sealing is strong, and the stability is good. This product is suitable for filling, sealing, date printing, and tail trimming of various standard plastic hoses and aluminum-plastic composite hoses. It is widely used in daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. In order to meet the filling requirements of different viscosities, different standard filling heads (optional) can be equipped.

The vacuum emulsifier filling and sealing machine can smoothly and accurately inject various pastes, pastes, viscous fluids and other materials into the hose, combined with the heating of the hot air in the tube, sealing, batch number, production date, etc. Vacuum emulsifier filling and sealing machine is widely used in the filling and sealing of large diameter plastic pipes and composite pipes in medicine, food, chemicals, daily chemical products and other industries. It is an ideal, useful and economical filling equipment.

filling and sealing machine