Machinery for making cream production line

- Aug 03, 2020-

Facial cream is a kind of cream texture product commonly used in cosmetics and skin care products. The audience is huge. No matter men, women, young and old, there are ー or a variety of moisturizing creams and creams. Many people want to slowly enter this industry to open a shop. For your own cream factory, of course, if you want to enter this industry, you need to know about these cosmetic equipment in the cosmetic cream production line in advance:

ro reverse osmosis water treatment equipment

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is currently the mainstream standard water treatment equipment for industries such as industrial, daily chemical, and chemical products. Use enough pressure to make the solvent in the solution (generally commonly used water) pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, and start from the solution Side flow, the pure solvent is separated, because this process is opposite to the natural osmosis process, it is called reverse osmosis.

Vacuum emulsifier

The vacuum emulsifier is the core equipment for making face cream. It is the equipment for forming face cream. It disperses, shears, homogenizes, emulsifies, and stirs the two incompatible raw materials, oil and water, through strong power. Let it blend into a uniform and delicate cream product.

Automatic cream filling machine

Cream filling machine is a device for filling cream. According to the viscosity of the cream product, it is determined whether to add to the pressure system. Fully automatic filling machine is an important device to improve productivity. Compared with traditional manual, it is faster and filling. The installation accuracy is also more accurate.

Capping machine/tail sealing machine

The capping machine is generally integrated with the filling machine, and the capping or sealing is selected according to the packaging form. If it is filling or bottled, the capping is used, and the tube type is the sealing.

Labeling Machine

The filling of the product needs to be affixed with relevant information such as product introduction and company information. At this time, a labeling machine is required to complete.

Stainless steel storage tank


The quality of machinery is an important factor that determines safe and stable production in the future. Therefore, you must have a detailed understanding of the machinery in the early stage of the research. If you need to know more about the relevant consultation of chemical equipment, please contact us!