Maximize the effect of vacuum emulsifier

- Sep 21, 2020-

The vacuum emulsifier can not only improve the cleaning efficiency, but also save resources, improve work efficiency, and maximize the role of the vacuum emulsifier. The following editor will introduce you to the matters needing attention when cleaning the vacuum emulsifier:

1. Fill the reaction solvent into the vacuum emulsifier from the exhaust valve. After cleaning most of the residue, inject water into the half-tank and stir for 10 minutes. Only then can the cover of the kettle be opened to clean the inner wall of the kettle.

2. When cleaning the vacuum emulsifier, the kettle cover and sampling valve must be cleaned. At the same time, when there is water in the kettle, fill it with nitrogen.

3. For vacuum emulsifiers that are not used temporarily, it is best to add 70% volume of clean absolute ethanol to the vacuum emulsifier to soak without tightening the screws. After cleaning the vacuum emulsifier, it can be used next time.

4. For instantaneous reactions that produce a large amount of gas or high temperature, flammable and explosive chemical reactions, and ultra-high pressure, ultra-high temperature or medium containing chloride ions, fluoride ions and other reactions that cause serious corrosion to stainless steel, special orders must be ordered

5. The reaction medium should not exceed 2/3 of the liquid level of the kettle body of the laboratory vacuum emulsifier. Do not disassemble under pressure during or at the end of work

6. It is strictly forbidden for the kettle to work under over-pressure and over-temperature conditions