Must keep the vacuum emulsification pot clean

- Feb 16, 2021-

First, in order to maintain the working efficiency of the vacuum emulsifier, the vacuum emulsifier must be kept clean.

Second, the vacuum emulsifier is strictly prohibited from reversing during operation, and it needs to be checked again and again before starting the motor. Third, if there is liquid leakage at the shaft of the vacuum emulsifier during operation, it must be shut down to adjust the pressure of the machine seal.

Fourth, the media of the materials are different, and the inlet and outlet filters must be cleaned regularly. The materials entering the working cavity must be fluid, and materials with dry powder and agglomerates are not allowed to enter the machine directly.

Fifth, ensure the safety of the equipment and electrical control system before using the vacuum emulsifier.

Sixth, if the parts of the vacuum emulsifier are found to be worn too much, the corresponding parts should be replaced in time

Seventh, when using a vacuum emulsifier, you should avoid empty operation, so as to avoid high temperature or crystal solidification of the material during work and damage to the equipment.

Eighth, if the vacuum emulsifier has abnormal noises or other failures during operation, it should be shut down immediately for inspection, and the operation should be performed after the failure has been eliminated.

The correct use and maintenance of the vacuum emulsifier can reduce unnecessary losses and improve the life and work efficiency of the vacuum emulsifier