Notes for the use of high shear emulsifier in laboratory

- Jul 27, 2020-

Working principle:

Device of high speed shearing force is the key to high shear emulsifying machine, high-speed precision coordinate rotation of the rotor and stator, high shear velocity and high frequency generated by the mechanical effect of shearing and hydraulic shear force, to ensure that the materials in the shear under hundreds of thousands of times per minute, the material in the stator precision clearance of high shear emulsifying machine by the strong centrifugal extrusion, shear layer, spray, liquid friction, collision, refinement and turbulence, turbulence, and eddy current complex flow under the action of comprehensive, make not miscibility of liquid, solid and gas phase, liquid phase in the corresponding mature technology conditions, under the joint action of
Instantly and uniformly refined mixing, dispersion, homogenization, emulsification, and so on to cycle back and forth, to obtain high-quality products.