Principle and maintenance of vacuum emulsifier

- Jun 15, 2020-

Vacuum emulsifier is mainly used in cosmetics, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, which have very high requirements on hygiene. The vacuum device of the emulsifying machine can exhaust the air out of the pot as much as possible. Firstly, it can prevent the bacteria in the air from polluting the materials, and secondly, it can prevent the secondary chemical reaction between the materials and the air.

Maintenance requirements of vacuum emulsifying machine: the pot should be cleaned and wiped after the machine is turned off before starting, and the particles should be cleaned to prevent damage to the emulsifying head. When the vacuum pressure is more than 0.2Mpa, the material can be pumped. After the material is pumped, the pump is closed, and the vacuum can be stopped when the pressure is 0.4Mpa. Every day before use, carefully check whether there is a problem with the pot body and whether the computer operating system is working properly.