Reasonable use of vacuum homogenizer is very important

- Oct 06, 2020-

In daily work, learning how to use the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier reasonably can exert its actual effect; on the contrary, if the operation is improper, the emulsification effect of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier cannot be truly reflected. Therefore, it is very important to use vacuum homogenizing emulsifier reasonably.

For the staff operating the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier, what needs to be done to use the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is the performance of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier. If you are not familiar with the mechanical properties, you will not be able to use the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier. Ensure its smooth work.

In simple terms, the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is a kind of reliance on centrifugal stirring to generate strong stirring force, so as to achieve the pre-processing effect on the material. If the pre-material processing work is not done well, it will inevitably directly affect the later stage. Work. It is necessary to pay attention to the amount of material processing in the early mechanical operation process, especially the new vacuum homogenizing emulsifier must not add too much when it is used for the first time, in this case it is easy to emulsify the vacuum homogenizer The machine causes a bad influence, and at the same time, the processed materials distributed in a relatively narrow range are uniformly stirred to achieve an all-round layout.

The vacuum homogenizing emulsifier needs to be loaded and unloaded in the early use or in the later maintenance process. During this process, do not mistake the order of the parts, and tighten the parts during the installation process to avoid vacuum homogenization and emulsification. The machine becomes loose during use.

The friction force in the use of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is relatively large. If it is not solved for a long time, it will inevitably affect the conveyor belt of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier. Therefore, after the equipment is used, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning, especially the conveyor belt The residue is cleaned.

If the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is to achieve the ideal effect in work, the correct and reasonable operation process cannot be ignored; the operator can start from the above points, pay attention to the operation details, pay attention to the order of use, and make the vacuum homogenizer emulsifier give full play to Its superior performance.