RO water treatment system

- Apr 10, 2019-

Reverse osmosis referred to as RO, is a membrane separation technology developed in the 1960s. The principle is that raw water passes through the reverse osmosis membrane under the action of high pressure, and the solvent in water diffuses from low concentration to high concentration to achieve separation, purification and concentration. The purpose, because of its opposite direction of penetration in nature, is called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis removes bacteria, viruses, colloids, organic matter and more than 98% of dissolved salts in water. The method has the characteristics of low running cost, simple operation, high degree of automation and stable effluent quality. Compared with other traditional water treatment methods, it has obvious advantages and is widely used in water treatment related industries.

According to the needs of users, pure water equipment can be developed in the first, second or plus EDI. The medium and small RO pure water and RO-EDI high purity water equipment are the perfect combination of integrated international quality products and the status quo of water quality in China. field.

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