self-adhesive labeling machine

- Jun 01, 2020-

1. Scope of self-adhesive labeling machine

Self-adhesive labeling machine is suitable for the labeling of round plastic bottles, glass bottles and the like in pharmaceutical, food, light industry, daily chemical and other industries. The machine can automatically complete the separation of bottles, send labels with synchronous separation of labels, labeling and automatically print the date of the batch number, and the writing is clear.

Second, the characteristics of self-adhesive labeling machine

Because the labeling machine adopts the electromechanical integration technology, selects the vigorous torque stepper motor drive, and advanced systems such as photoelectric control device and power supply protection device, it has the function of starting buffer, high overall sensitivity, large low-speed torque, stable speed, and work Technical characteristics such as stable voltage and strong anti-drying ability. Ensure that the paste standard is accurate, stable, reliable and efficient.

Third, the principle and characteristics of the self-adhesive labeling machine

1. Wide range of application: It can not only realize the single-sided labeling / corner touch labeling of the side (flat) of the square bottle / flat bottle (full bottle state), but also realize the single / double-post laminating function of the round bottle circumferential positioning;

2. The unique material distribution mechanism ensures reliable and effective material distribution when used online with the production line;

3. The unique corner support mechanism ensures that the corners of the three sides of the square bottle are flat and not wrinkled;

4. It can be used in stand-alone mode and can also be used in conjunction with the production line.