semi-automatic liquid filling machine

- May 19, 2020-

Semi-automatic liquid filling machine

Semi-automatic liquid filling machine is widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine and chemical industry, beverage and other industries. The material contact parts are made of high quality stainless steel SUS316L. It is easy to clean, operate and with compact and reasonable structure, modern design and beautiful appearance. The semi-automatic liquid filling machine can be manual and automatic filling operation. When the machine is under manual situation, please touch the foot pedal. When it is under automation situation, it is no need to touch foot pedal. The semi-automatic liquid filling machine is suitable for liquid, cream, lotion, detergent products. The filling machine is with rotary valve, if your product is shampoo, lotion or honey, you can connect the machine with wired hose to suck the material. If your product is with high viscosity features, it is better to connect the machine with hopper to fill. It adopts pneumatic components to replace electrical control circuit, so it is quite suitable for the use in the request of anti-explosion environment.