Stainless steel storage tank

- Sep 23, 2020-

We has rich experience and can design or customize storage tanks according to customers' requirements. Our products are excellent in material selection. All accessories such as manhole, CIP cleaner, heating and cooling coils are made of high quality 304 or 316L stainless steel. The tank is finely polished, with good finish and smooth appearance. Due to good quality, attention to detail and reasonable price, our tanks have been recognized by domestic and foreign customers for many years.
Superior raw materials of high quality 304/316L stainless steel. It's mainly equipped with air respirator hole, CIP cleaning ball, sight glass, flange and quick open manhole. The tank is  with jacketed layer for heating or cooling, which is also suitable to dose liquid of high concentration with liquid of low concentration on pharmaceutical industry.  Processing quality is guaranteed. Inner surface is polished by electrolysis and cone seal head is spin-processed, meeting GMP standards. Mixing device is sanitary mechanical seal, insulation layer with polyurethane or pearl cotton, and interface adopts international standard quick clamp, convenient and healthy. Plating edge is processed by spinning, surface treatment by polishing, sand blasting, matte or cold-rolled matte, and etc. Large capacity, can be customized. Storage capacity ranges from 100L to 2000L, if requiring storage capacity of 20,000L above, outdoor storage tanks is recommended.