Structure and composition of emulsifier equipment

- Mar 19, 2021-

Structure and composition of emulsifier equipment: emulsifier is divided into main pot, oil pot, water pot, electrical control system, hydraulic system, vacuum system and frame, etc.

The main pot consists of homogeneous stirring pot, homogeneous mechanism, two-way stirring mechanism and other components of the emulsifier equipment.

Water pot, oil pot for half open, convenient feeding.

2. Vacuum feeding function of main pot.

3. Frame mixing and blade mixing into the opposite direction of operation, frequency conversion speed regulation, frame mixing with a scraper, no dead Angle.

Adopt high shear homogenizer of foreign technology, homogenizing.

5. The bottom of the main pot adopts the bottom of the pot valve, with positive pressure discharging function, no dead corner.

6 emulsification pot, premixed pot are three layers of production, there are jacket, through the water can realize heating or cooling.

7 main pot cover hydraulic lifting function.

Pot body dumping function, easy to clean inside the pot.

8 control panel has on, off, emergency stop switch, adjusting temperature upper and lower limit setting display, stirring speed (frequency control), uniform speed, uniform time control setting, vacuum, lighting, including all functions of premix pot, hydraulic system control.

9 The main pot cover is equipped with lighting and wiping mirror, easy to observe the pot state.

10. Equipped with emergency stop function.