System composition of homogeneous emulsifier

- Aug 18, 2020-

System composition of homogeneous emulsifier

FIRSTLY. The mixing structure of the slow mixing system is frame type and double mixing type. The middle blade and the frame-type wall scraping rotating blade are convective stirring. The rotating speed of the rotating blade should be within the range of 15-60r/min.

Speed is too slow: the reducer heats up severely.

Too fast: Damaged speed reducer speed up.

The scraper is made of polytetrafluoroethylene and adjusts the heat exchange to fit the pan wall.

1. Two counter-rotating low-speed mixing systems consist of a hanger and blades covered with scrapers.

2. The fully automatic movable scraper is made of PTFE material, which can only work when there are materials, and it is easy to disassemble and clean.

3. Concentric shafts for dynamic balance.

4. The outer hanger and inner blade are made of stainless steel SUS316L.

5. The electronic timer is installed on the PLC for easy adjustment of working time.

6. The geared motor is produced by ABB. The speed can be directly adjusted by the frequency converter, and the speed is 0-80rpm/min.

SECONDLY. Fast homogeneous mixing system

1. The rapid homogenization and mixing action is completed by a turbine installed in the center of the tank bottom.

2. The turbine is composed of a tooth-shaped stator and a rotor with blades.

3. The turbine is made of SUS316L stainless steel, and the rotating part is dynamically balanced concentric shaft.

4. The electronic timer is installed on the PLC to adjust the processing time.

5. Equipped geared motor-produced by ABB company, adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, speed 0-3600r/min.

THIDTH. Heating/cooling system

1. Heating is transferred from the external steam to the inner tank through the jacket

2. Control the water temperature in the jacket through the temperature controller from the PLC.

3. The temperature control consists of an electronic temperature controller and a galvanic couple installed at the bottom of the tank, which can accurately read the actual temperature of the material.

4. Cooling is done directly by the external cold water through the jacket.

Fourth, the vacuum system

1. Water ring vacuum pump.

2. The vacuum gauge indicates the vacuum in the container.

3. The vacuum safety switch is designed to avoid operations that are strictly prohibited to open the upper cover when there is a vacuum.

4. The air tightness of the upper cover is ensured by the silicon packing on the flange.

5. Theoretically, the maximum vacuum degree is 730mm/hg at 20℃. In order to obtain a perfect emulsification effect, air must be prevented from entering the material. Processing under vacuum allows direct injection of liquid or powder into the container.

FIFTH. Upper cover lifting system The lifting and lowering of the upper cover is completed by a set of hydraulic devices, equipped with a safety limit system, which can keep the upper cover at any desired position.

Six, volume dumping system

The container dumping system is used for unloading, which is completed by a manual runner and stays at any angle.

SEVENTH. The processing control observation window is equipped with a washer and a lamp, and has good internal visibility.

After the above introduction, everyone has been familiar with the system of homogeneous emulsifier...