The conventional emulsifier lid accessories

- Jul 21, 2020-

The vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is a complete set of equipment that integrates the functions of mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, and emulsification. When purchasing emulsifiers, many cosmetics manufacturers pay much attention to the configuration of the vacuum emulsifier lid, because the emulsifier lid The above configuration is not only related to the emulsification process, but also has an important relationship with production efficiency and effect. Yuxiang Machinery pays more attention to this problem in R&D and production, and the design is more perfect. Generally speaking, the conventional emulsifier lid accessories are as follows:

1. Trace element hopper: This hopper is used to add some flavors, spices and other trace elements when the emulsifier is producing materials. It is introduced from the lid of the pot, the lower end is at an oblique angle of 45 degrees, and the opening direction is toward the mixing center of the emulsifier to prevent the material from washing the pot body.

 2. Air filter: This accessory is used to prevent impurities from being sucked into the main pot of the vacuum emulsification pot when the emulsification pot sucks in water and oil phase materials in a vacuum state

 3. Vacuum device: vacuum device includes vacuum interface and vacuum gauge. The vacuum interface is generally directly connected to the vacuum pump that comes with the emulsifier. Used for vacuum defoaming in the emulsifying pot. The vacuum gauge is used to display the vacuum degree in the emulsifying pot when vacuuming.

 4. Insulation sight glass: It is installed because the emulsifying machine needs to know the emulsification condition of the material in the emulsifying pot at any time when emulsifying the material. Sometimes the top of the sight glass will fog with the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the emulsifier pot. Therefore, the mirror is generally equipped with a mirror scraping device.

 5. Illuminated window: There will be a light at the top of the window. When you need to observe the emulsification effect of the material in the main pot of the emulsifier, you need to turn on the light to see clearly, and some are directly illuminated by a strong flashlight.

 6. Cleaning spray ball: The CIP cleaning system can clean the entire tank body without dead ends and optimize the cleaning process.

  Of course, some emulsifiers are equipped with other devices in the lid, such as manholes, hand holes, and vents, depending on the material....