The difference between emulsifying pot and stirring pot

- Jan 12, 2021-

The effect of vacuum homogenization and emulsification of cosmetic machinery is the same as that of agitator. Both can be used to stir materials, mix the materials thoroughly, and vacuum to remove bubbles in the materials; it can also be heated (the heating method can be used Use water and oil as media for electric heating or steam heating) and cooling. In addition, what is the difference between a cosmetic mechanical vacuum emulsifying pot and a mixer?

Since the vacuum homogenizing emulsifying pot uses a mechanical seal as a sealing device, the stirring force is not very large. Generally, a motor with a smaller configuration will rotate faster. Therefore, it is mainly used for mixing liquid-liquid, solid-liquid and other materials. The viscosity of the material usually does not exceed 100,000 cps. The kettle body of the emulsifier is equipped with a homogenizing head, which can cut the material quickly and fully refine the material. After vacuuming and defoaming, the produced material has the characteristics of fineness and smoothness. Moreover, the material particles of the final product can reach the nanometer level. If it is applied to the human skin, it will be quickly absorbed by the skin. Therefore, the vacuum homogenizing emulsifying pot is more commonly used in the production of thin materials such as cosmetics, creams, and pharmaceutical creams.

The mixer is one of the typical equipment for strong mixing. Its mixing system is composed of a frame structure, combined with a high-power mixing motor, its mixing power is very strong. Mixers are usually used for mixing solid-liquid, solid-solid, and liquid-liquid materials. The viscosity of the material it can stir is generally between 100,000 cps and 1,800,000 cps. With the slow stirring of frame stirring and the high-speed operation of the dispersing disc that can reach 1400 rpm per minute, the materials can be fully mixed, and the agglomerated materials can be fully dispersed to meet the process requirements of the materials. Because of its strong power, the mixer is usually used for mixing and mixing glue. Specific products are: silicone rubber, sealant, glass glue, resin, ink, electronic paste, etc.

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