The emulsifying pot can be used for continuous emulsification or dispersion of multiphase liquid media

- Sep 22, 2020-

The emulsification pot is a precise combination of rotor and stator, which generates strong shearing force during high-speed rotation to achieve the purpose of mixing, crushing and emulsification. Efficient online dispersing equipment can be installed on the pipeline to continuously process materials. And to eliminate quality differences between batches, the basic structure consists of a pump cavity and a pair of stators and rotors.

The scope of application of emulsifying pot

The emulsifying pot can be used to continuously emulsify or disperse the multiphase liquid medium, and at the same time play a role in conveying the low viscosity liquid medium. It can also achieve continuous mixing of powder and liquid in proportion. It is widely used in daily chemical, food, medicine, chemical, petroleum, coating, nano materials and other fields.

Vacuum emulsification pot