The features of cream cheese mixing machine

- May 27, 2020-


 1. All-round mixing, wall scraping adopts frequency control of motor speed control, can produce different process of high quality products according to the customer request.

 2. Diversified high speed homogenizer, strong mixing solid and liquid in the production of raw materials in the liquid can quickly dissolve such as AES/AESA LSA refractory materials, saving energy consumption, greatly shorten the production cycle.

 3. The pot body adopts three layers stainless steel welding, tanks and pipe mirror polishing, in line with the GMP requirements.

 4. According to the technological requirements, tanks can heating and cooling material.

 5. The machine has triple blender, hydraulic lift cover, high-speed homogenizer blender (Speed is 0-3600r/min, frequency converter) and low-speed scraper blender (Speed is 0-63r/min, frequency converter).

 6. The cover of main boiler can lift up and down to ensure easy maintenance and clean.

cream cheese mixing machine