The function of the oil-water pot of the vacuum homogeneous emulsification pot

- Jan 25, 2021-

Why the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is a unit? It is because this equipment is composed of multiple structures. Take the emulsification unit as an example, it is divided into two components, the main engine and the auxiliary engine, and the two are integrated. The host is composed of a main frame, a homogeneous mixing pot, a lifting, turning and dumping mechanism, a homogeneous mixing mechanism, a vacuum system, and electrical control. The auxiliary machine is composed of auxiliary frame, auxiliary boiler, auxiliary boiler mixing system and other parts.

The auxiliary boiler in the auxiliary machine mentioned above is a water-oil boiler, which is generally composed of a water boiler and an oil boiler. The water and oil part of the vacuum emulsification unit is optional, that is, if the customer does not need a water and oil pan, they can choose a machine without a water and oil pan. What is the role of water and oil, and under what circumstances is the water and oil boiler part of the unit a necessary option?

In fact, the water-oil pot is a two-phase pot, which can separate the water-phase materials from the oil-phase materials. This is one of them. In addition, the water-oil pot is equipped with heating and dispersing stirring functions, which can dissolve, disperse and heat the materials. The pretreatment effect of mixing; if the material has the characteristics and requirements of these two aspects in the process, the water-oil pot is a must.

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vacuum emulsifier mixer machine with oil and water pots