The homogenizing emulsifying pot needs to be cleaned and maintained after use

- Sep 14, 2020-

Homogeneous emulsifiers will always encounter many problems during use. This requires us to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the homogenizers before use, eliminate faults, and avoid problems during use and affect production efficiency. In addition, the staff of the enterprise also need to maintain the homogenizing emulsifier regularly, which can reduce the use failure and prolong its service life. So how do we maintain the homogenizer emulsifier correctly?

1. Clean up around the machine at any time, there should be no sewage or ground materials on the floor, and the waste formed during the production process should be gathered and processed quickly

2. Check the mixing slurry, scraper, homogeneous filter parts and adjust the tightening

3. Check whether the heating tube and thermometer are outstanding and tighten the wire terminals.

4. Check whether there is oil leakage in the water and oil circuits, and tighten if necessary.

5. Check whether the connecting firmware of the machine is loose, adjust and tighten.

6. Periodically increase lubricating oil and heat transfer oil.

7. Check the cleaning and maintenance of the motor and deceleration and increase the differential deceleration oil.

8. Pack up the wiring and electric control box, clean and maintain, check the electrical components in the electric box.

9. Test the insulation of the circuit and the motor to the ground phase

10. Make a record of each equipment maintenance.

In order to prevent the homogenizing emulsifier from malfunctioning during use, it must be maintained in accordance with the above-mentioned maintenance procedures, and a thorough inspection should be done before use. After use, the components of the homogenizing emulsifier should be cleaned and increased lubrication. Oil and heat transfer oil, etc., must be dealt with in time for problematic places. Doing a good job in the maintenance of the homogenizing emulsifier can not only reduce the use failure, but also extend its service life.

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