The importance of water for cosmetics(1)

- Jan 01, 2021-

Water is an indispensable raw material in the production of cosmetics.

Due to the lag of testing, the process water is required to have high reliability and stability.

In addition, water is very easy to breed microorganisms, so the management of process water is particularly important in cosmetics production.

When it comes to process water, we should start with the design of water system.

The phrase "quality is designed" is most apt when applied to water systems.

The design of water system should consider the following aspects:


Design unit: First of all, we should select a qualified and experienced design unit, which can consider all aspects of the water system at the design stage, and can design a set of most reasonable water system according to the characteristics of local water source and the requirements of the enterprise process.

It is also important for experienced design units to be able to make rapid and accurate analysis and judgment of future abnormal problems.


Water quality standards: According to the requirements of hygiene Standards for cosmetics manufacturers, the water quality for cosmetics production should at least meet the hygienic standards for drinking water (GB5749-2006).

This is also the minimum requirement for process water.

It should be mentioned that the microbial limit standard for drinking water is the same as that for purified water.

100 cfu/ml.

However, purified water is usually purified by taking domestic drinking water as the source of water, which is superior to drinking water in terms of chemical indexes such as ions and more suitable for the production process and formula of cosmetics. Therefore, many enterprises design the process water system according to the standard of purified water.

Purified water should meet the chemical and microbial standards in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

In addition, the electrical conductivity should also be increased.

This item is not yet listed in the Chinese pharmacopoeia, but there are clear requirements for the electrical conductivity of pure water in the European pharmacopoeia and the American Pharmacopoeia.

In general we recommend that the conductivity of pure water should be & LT;

2.5 mu S/cm (20 ℃).