The importance of water for cosmetics(2)

- Jan 01, 2021-


Water system design 1) Design of water processing equipment: Enterprises can choose suitable water treatment equipment according to the characteristics of local water sources.

Water purification is usually divided into three stages: pretreatment, desalination and post-treatment.

Typical water production process is: source water - sand filter - activated carbon filter - softener - ion exchange - reverse osmosis - storage tank - distribution pipeline.

Enterprises may also comprehensively consider and select suitable water production equipment according to water consumption standards, water production efficiency, energy consumption, maintenance cost and other factors.

2) Design of storage tank and distribution system: Design of storage tank and distribution system has many links that need to be considered: A.

The first is the choice of material: 316 or 316L stainless steel is recommended, because of its low carbon content, corrosion resistance is superior, especially suitable for heat disinfection pipeline;

B. Storage tank: To prevent the breeding of microorganisms on the upper part of the tank, the inlet of the water in the tank shall be designed as 360o rotary spray ball;

A hydrophobic sterilizing respirator, usually 0.22 m, shall be installed at the top to prevent airborne microorganisms from entering the tank.

C. Water pump: The water pump shall adopt hygienic design, that is, the pump shall adopt oil-free and other pollution-free end face sealing mode, which will not pose pollution risk to the water quality.