The influence of the shearing strength of the lifting vacuum emulsifier

- Dec 07, 2020-

Lifting vacuum emulsifier plays an important role in the mixing system of industrial equipment, especially in solid-liquid mixing, liquid-liquid mixing, oil-water emulsification, dispersion homogenization, and shear grinding. It is called an emulsifier because it can achieve emulsification.

The oil-water two-phase medium is thoroughly mixed to form an emulsion, which is divided into two systems: water-in-oil or oil-in-water. To achieve emulsification, there are at least two requirements: one is a strong mechanical cutting and dispersing effect, which separates the water phase and the oil phase The fluid medium is cut into small particles at the same time, and then when they are merged, there will be mutual penetration and mixing to form an emulsion. The second is a suitable emulsifier, which acts as a media bridge between oil and water molecules. Through its charge and intermolecular force, the oil and water mixed emulsion can be stored stably for the time we want.

The strength of the shearing effect of the lift vacuum emulsifier directly affects the final fineness. After analysis, it is mainly related to the sharpness of the blade, the hardness, the gap between the stator and the stator, the relative movement speed of the cutting edges and the allowable particle size. Under normal circumstances, the sharpness of the blade, the hardness, the clearance between the rotor and the stator and the allowable particle size are basically fixed or do not want to change. Then, the relative speed of the blade is the most influential factor, which is expressed as the circumferential line of the rotor (because The stator is immobile), the linear velocity is high, the cutting or impact density of the radially flowing fluid is high, so the thinning effect is strong, and vice versa.

But the larger the line, the better. When it reaches a very high value, there is a tendency to block the flow, so the flow becomes small and the heat is very high. If the equipment itself does not have a cooling device, some materials will turn back Will gather, making the result unsatisfactory.

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