The preparation technology and equipment of hands-free disinfection gel

- Aug 21, 2020-

Whether it is like the outbreak of the special circumstances or the people's normal life, hand hygiene is emphasized all the time, or even in many foreign countries/home, many people prefer to wash your hands more also don't want to wear a face mask, although this is a wrong idea, but also can see the importance of hand hygiene, convey to you the hand disinfection is to eliminate bacteria, bacteria, the most important and the most easy / / / / one of the measures.
Especially during such outbreaks, however, handwashing alone does not completely remove pathogenic microorganisms.
Therefore, proper hand disinfectant should be used for thorough disinfection.
Because many disinfectants are water based, their droplets are easy to splash and drop, and may cause irritation or other side effects on the skin of the hand, so long-term use is not recommended.
The droplet of the disinfectant gel is a little gelatinous, and it feels fresh and moisturizing after use. Therefore, it is also a common hand disinfection product used in many enterprises, hospitals, schools and other public places as well as at home and abroad.
After the outbreak of the epidemic, people's awareness of hygiene has been improved, as well as the escalation of the epidemic in foreign countries, the market of hands-free disinfection gel is expected!