The role of accessories on the lid of the emulsification pot

- Feb 09, 2021-

When you first touch the emulsifying pot, you may not notice the small accessories on the mixing bowl lid. Don't underestimate these humble accessories, they play an irreplaceable role in the emulsification production process. Due to the different models, the emulsification accessories are different, but in general, the fittings such as the sight window, the scraping mirror, the exhaust hole, the micro-material hopper, the material filter, and the vacuum equipment are usually equipped.

The perspective window can check the emulsification effect of the material in the pot during the production process. Because of the lack of light on the surface of the pot, some see-through windows are equipped with lighting at the top, and some need to be directly illuminated with an external flashlight. Scratch mirrors are also used with perspective windows. Sometimes the top of the sight glass will be fogged with the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier. Therefore, mirror scraping devices are generally installed on the sight glasses. The exhaust device is a device that exhausts when the cover of the vacuum homogeneous emulsification machine is raised. The exhaust device can prevent air pollutants from being sucked into the material, causing secondary pollution of the material.

The micro-material hopper is used for adding some flavors, spices and other trace elements when the emulsifying pot is producing materials. The hopper is introduced from the pot cover, the lower end is at a 45-degree oblique angle, and the opening direction is toward the stirring center of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier to prevent the material from washing the pot body. The filter is used to suck the water and oil phase materials in the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier. It is installed to prevent impurities from being sucked into the main pot of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier.

The vacuum device includes a vacuum interface and a vacuum gauge. The vacuum interface is generally directly connected to the vacuum pump that comes with the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier. Used for vacuum defoaming in the emulsifying pot. The vacuum gauge is used to display the degree of vacuum in the emulsifying pot when vacuuming.

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