The utility model relates to an efficient dissolving and dispersing equipment - a high speed emulsifying dispersing machine(2)

- Oct 09, 2020-

The high speed emulsifying and dispersing machine is also called the high shear dispersing machine, which makes the fineness of materials evenly distributed by emulsifying, mixing and dispersing materials. The homogenizer or dispersing plate of the equipment can produce super strong high speed shearing function, which can shear and disperse materials in a short time and achieve better emulsifying and dispersing effect.

According to different applications, the  LR series high-speed emulsifying dispersion machine is divided into the lab homogenizer and production with emulsifying dispersion machine, laboratory dispersion homogenizer for laboratory of various liquid mixing, dissolution, and dispersion, widely used in all kinds of paints, coatings and other industries of dispersion experiments, provide basic data for scientific research and pilot and mass production, and provide a basis for science and technology in scientific research.

Industrial mass production type high speed emulsifying dispersing machine from 30, 50 liters to large ton level, Jutao can provide customized production for you.