Tips for operating cosmetic equipment vacuum emulsifier

- Oct 05, 2020-

1. Due to the extremely high speed of the homogeneous cutting head, it must not be operated in an empty pot, so as not to affect the degree of air sealing after partial heating.

2. The homogenizer of the vacuum emulsifier is reversed when viewed from top to bottom. After the motor is connected or not used for a long time, it should be turned on and tested when it is restarted. The steering of the stirring frame is reversed when viewed from top to bottom. Look down as a forward turn.

3. Homogeneous cutting and scraper stirring of vacuum emulsifier: After feeding (water can be used to replace when debugging), do not turn on the corresponding control switch to control the operation of homogenizer and scraper stirring.

4. Keep the homogenizer clean in the vacuum emulsifier. If you stop using or need to replace the materials, you should clean the parts of the homogenizer in contact with the working fluid as required, especially the cutting wheel cutting sleeve of the head, the sliding bearing and the shaft sleeve in the homogenizing shaft sleeve. After cleaning and reassembling, the hand-turned impeller should be free from jamming. After the two flanges of the pot body and the pot cover are relatively fixed, the motor of the inching homogenizer rotates correctly and there are no other abnormalities before starting the operation.

5. When debugging, start the stirring and test run first, and then let the homogenizer run after confirming that it is correct.