Vacuum degasser use steps

- Apr 05, 2019-

When using, just open the matching vacuum pump (the pump is used according to the instruction manual of the pump), the air in the device is removed, and the material is self-priming from the inlet into the device. When the material is raised to a certain position, the control valve automatically controls the material. At this point, the feed rate can be observed and controlled from the view hole. When the vacuum in the device reaches the process requirement, the material can be withdrawn from the material outlet. As long as the vacuum degree and the balance of the feed and discharge are maintained, the production can be continued.

In order to prevent corrosion, the water supply system in the structure of the power generation device excludes the non-condensable natural gas mixed with the water supply, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, air, etc., and can maintain a certain water pump suction head together with the open heat exchanger heated by the water supply.


1. Open the top cover with hot water or sodium hydroxide solution before use.

2. Keep the sealing parts good when using, and there must be no air leakage.

3. Always check the diaphragm pressure gauge to keep it accurate.