Vacuum emulsifier lid accessories

- Nov 09, 2020-

The main pot cover of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier for cosmetic equipment is equipped with many accessories with different functions, which are indispensable in the production process of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier. The lid accessories of vacuum homogenizing emulsifier equipment manufacturers generally have the following types.

A small amount of raw material hopper. The hopper allows the vacuum homogeneous emulsifier to cut and emulsify the main raw materials while adding a small amount of raw materials such as flavors and spices. The hopper is introduced from the pot lid, and the bottom opening is at a 45° angle toward the mixing center of the emulsifier to prevent the material from washing the pot.

Vacuum device. The vacuum device consists of a vacuum interface and a vacuum gauge. The vacuum interface is usually directly connected with the vacuum pump of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier for vacuum degassing in the emulsifying pot.

The vacuum gauge shows the degree of vacuum in the emulsifying pot when it is vacuumed.

filter. The filter can prevent impurities from entering the main pot of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier when vacuum sucking in the water and oil phase of the emulsifier, ensuring the quality of the main ingredients.

Perspective windows with lighting. There is a lighting lamp on the suitable window. When you need to observe the emulsification effect of the raw materials in the main pot of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier, you can turn on the lighting lamp to see clearly.

Air exhauster. The air exhauster is used for the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier to emulsify the material in the vacuum state, and exhaust when the emulsifier lid is raised. This prevents impurities from being sucked into the raw materials along with the air, causing secondary pollution of the raw materials.

Scratch mirror settings. When the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is emulsifying raw materials, the staff needs to know the emulsification state of the raw materials in the emulsifying pot at any time. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier will cause the perspective window to fog, so the perspective window is usually installed with a mirror setting.