What are the steps to use the emulsifier(1)

- Feb 26, 2021-

What are the steps to use the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier? The emulsifier manufacturer will tell you.

   1. Normally, connect the cooling water of the mechanical seal before turning on the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier, and turn off the cooling water when shutting down. Tap water can be used for cooling water. Cooling water pressure≦0.2Mpa. The material must enter the working cavity to start the machine, and it is necessary to ensure that it does not run under the condition of material interruption to avoid idling, which may cause the mechanical seal (mechanical seal) to burn out due to high temperature or affect the service life. The cooling water inlet and outlet joints are equipped with hoses with 5mm inner diameter.

  2. After the emulsifier confirms that the machine-sealed cooling water is turned on, start the motor, and repeatedly require that the rotation of the motor should be consistent with the rotation mark of the spindle before it can operate. Reverse rotation is strictly prohibited!

  3. When using the dispersing emulsifying homogenizer, the liquid material must be continuously input or kept in a certain amount in the container. Empty machine operation should be avoided to avoid damage to the equipment due to high temperature or crystal solidification of the material during work, idling is strictly prohibited!